PPSB Director Search!

Application Deadline July 21, 2017!

Purple Passion Swing Bang is seeking a New Musical Director! The application deadline is July 21 so please pass this along to any and all who might be interested today! Applications should be sent to president@rainbowcityband.com.

Job Description
Music Director Requirements

Purple Passion Swing Band brings the great songs of the swing era to life, from the instrumental swing of the late ‘20s to vocal hits from the famous big bands of the postwar era and beyond. PPSB requires auditioning and features amateur and professional musicians devoted to honing and improving performance skills like solo and improv. With a smaller, close-knit group that works to develop a great ensemble sound, PPSB plays the whole gamut of gigs from jazz clubs and dance hall entertainment to corporate events, stage performances, fundraisers, outdoor summer concert series, wedding receptions, and so much more!