Search for Rainbow City Band Music Director

Rainbow City Performing Arts (RCPA), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit community music organization based in Seattle, Washington, is searching for a Music Director for Rainbow City Band, its concert and marching band. Rainbow City Band is a non-audition, adult community band numbering 50 to 70 members; the concert band typically rehearses from September through March and performs three concerts per season while the marching band rehearses from April into June and then performs at parades and festivals from mid-June through July. The Music Director is a paid contractor to RCPA, providing the primary musical leadership for the ensemble with the help of an Assistant Conductor while working with our volunteer board of directors to manage the operation of the band.

While we boast a substantial number of straight allies in our ranks, the band is a proud member of Seattle's LGBTQI community and we are an LGBT organization and an arts organization in equal measure. Our mission statement reflects this: "Rainbow City Band provides opportunities for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied to share their musical talents through public performances. We foster music education, friendships and community giving." Our vision statement is, "Rainbow City Band envisions a world that promotes healthy attitudes about being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied." Furthermore, we recognize that there are many forms and victims of oppression, and we are committed to creating a safe space where people of all backgrounds gather to play in harmony and to change hearts and minds through the power of music.

As Music Director, you will select music and develop programming for concert and marching performances that will engage and challenge our members and audience members alike, in a manner and to a degree appropriate for our non-audition community band environment. By leading music rehearsals and providing guidance to our members, you'll encourage our musical growth both individually and as an ensemble and join us in celebrating our successes. You will have a direct hand in planning performances that help us promote the pride and visibility of the LGBTQI community and contribute positively to the Northwest arts scene. You'll collaborate with our drum major and assistant drum major and our color guard team as they organize and instruct our members in the marching and visual elements of our summer performances. And you will work with our board of directors, the assistant conductor, and section leaders to maintain a welcoming, positive environment for our members and for our fans. The official job description contains more details about your responsibilities.

Now entering its twentieth year, Rainbow City Band is a diverse, vibrant, and energetic group of musicians ranging from people picking up their instrument for the first time in 20 years to professional music educators, and from recent graduates to retirees. As Music Director you have the opportunity to exercise and hone your music education and leadership skills, explore creative programming, and directly contribute to the development of our members' talents and self-confidence. Your leadership is essential in our quest to continue the growth in musical expression and performance, membership, and reputation that we have enjoyed for the past two decades.

A successful candidate will demonstrate a strong leadership and educational orientation including excellent interpersonal and communication skills, balancing fun and a sense of community with the serious business of making beautiful music together. You'll have strong familiarity with concert band literature and experience selecting a program that keeps our more experienced members interested without intimidating newer or less confident players. You'll be able to work under pressure and the sometimes less-than-ideal conditions inherent in a member-supported organization, and demonstrate the organization, follow-up skills, and flexibility that are essential in our volunteer-run band. You will be skilled at providing honest and direct, yet respectful guidance to players with a wide variety of experience, and you'll understand the deep value we place on embracing members' diversity of talent, experience, and expression. You'll have at least a bachelor's degree in music or music education, or identifiable equivalent experience in music instruction and/or concert and marching band music direction, with at least a full year of instruction and/or podium experience focusing on band instruction. Preferably, you'll have a master's degree or equivalent in music or music education and several years of instruction and/or podium experience, as well as volunteer or professional experience working with diverse populations.

If the Music Director position sounds like the next step in your musical career, please send the following items to no later than February 26, 2017:

  • A professional resume/CV
  • A cover letter explaining your interest and suitability for the position
  • Two professional letters of reference/recommendation
  • One personal letter of reference/recommendation
  • Contact information for all three of your references.

Please note that Rainbow City Performing Arts may contact the references you provide. We anticipate selecting a new Music Director by the end of March, 2017 to provide a smooth, unhurried transition from our current Music Director and allowing the new Director to lead our 2017 marching season rehearsals beginning in the second half of April. Importantly, our concert band and marching band rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9:30pm in Seattle's Wedgwood neighborhood, and our performances are typically on weekends.

If you have questions about the position or the application process, please contact RCPA president Stephen Nash.